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Plant building license issuing process
The process of issuing a permit for the construction of a power plant

In accordance with the economic policies of the government and in accordance with Article 122 of the Third Plan of Economic, Social and Cultural Development of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the competent authority is considering the following conditions and explanations in order to attract domestic and foreign capital and create a competitive environment for actualization of existing capabilities as well as access to The optimal production rates are granted after the qualification of applicants for investment in the private or cooperative sector with or without foreign participation, the permit for the construction of the power plant and the generation of electricity and equipment are provided to them.

1. The procedure for issuing a permit for the construction of the power plants approved by the Ministry of Energy or the proposed power plants of the applicants, the duration of the approval of the construction permit, the issuance of the permit for the operation of the power plant, the determination of the buyer company, the conditions for ensuring the purchase of electricity, the purchase price of electricity, adjustment of the purchase price of electricity, facilities and obligations, In the executive order of paragraph B of Article 122 of the Third Plan of Economic, Social and Cultural Development of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Ministry of Energy Resolution No. 100/30/72039 dated 12/6/80.

2. Tavanir will inform the applicants about the evaluation of applicants for investment within three months from the date of delivery of the terms and conditions.

3. Approved persons may submit an offer as an applicant for investment in the following two ways:

A) Submit the financial documents of the proposed power plant to determine the cost and reliability of the plant and provide a technical, economic and environmental justification for the power plant.

B) The company is limited in the tender organized by the Ministry of Energy approved power plants of the power plants.

1. The applicant can take part in a participant's group. If the applicant participates in this assessment, the form number one must be completed by the group and the forms from the number two to six are to be completed by each individual member of the group and all completed forms are in accordance with the criteria stated in These conditions will be delivered.

2. The scope of the investor's activity is the financing of the project, design, preparation, construction, insurance, transportation to the site of the power plant, construction and installation operations, installation, testing, commissioning, operation, repair and maintenance, and other measures necessary for the construction of the power plant and production and sale. Electricity .

3. The proposed power plant may include one or a combination of production methods such as heat, gas, water, combined cycle, wind, etc.

Completed forms for evaluating applicants and other documents and documents must be submitted in three copies in a single original and two transcripts.

4. All documents, documents, and evaluation documents of applicants must be signed by the authorized applicants or their authorized representatives.

Any corrals in forms must be confirmed by authorized signatures

5. Applications for evaluation of applicants must be submitted in an envelope in a package clearly labeled "Applicant Assessment Assessment Documents and Applicant Name".

6. If any of the applicants have any ambiguity, form or question in any of the circumstances mentioned in these conditions, they can receive written inquiries from Tavanir Tavanir Organization at the following address: Tavanir Central Building, Tehran, Vanak Branch, Branch Street, Tehran, Iran. Any interpretations and changes in the documents will be made by Tavanir organization and with official letters.

7. All documents and information received by the Tavanir organization provided by the applicants are considered confidential and the documents will not be returned.

8. The Tavanir organization is authorized to check the authenticity of documents received.

9. The applicant can not claim damages for completing these forms and for other related expenses.

10. Applicants are authorized to complete evaluation forms and submit proposals that are not subject to any of the prohibitions specified in the laws.

11. Evaluation of applicants by their score obtained in two separate components, a. Structure and organization, plus the ability to participate in the management and implementation of projects, and b) financial and credit capabilities.

12. Regarding the amount of privilege earned by each applicant, his ranking will be announced on the basis of the authorized power plant capacity to submit the proposal.


Note: Tavanir is authorized, under certain conditions, for eligible applicants who have submitted acceptable guarantees and justifications, with the approval of the Ministry of Energy, add up to 20 percent of the points earned by him as a special privilege to the previous privileges.
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