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Company Code of Ethics
:: Our cause is the creation of a company in which there is no distance between what is said and what is being done.
:: Our goal is to serve people with high quality and best practices, and hoping to achieve this goal will provide more motivation for our activities.
:: Our service in the field of electricity brings about the comfort and excellence of people's lives and strengthens our communication with the people.
:: The attention of people and consumers to the operation of the electricity company is very important and it is worthy of having the best behavior with them.
:: We seek to identify the needs and expectations of the number of logic, and seek to eliminate them and, finally, we want to go beyond your expectations.
:: We agree on mutual understanding and trust between our colleagues and clients, and we will not hesitate to make any efforts in this regard.
Adorned appearance improves self-esteem and respect and vitality in colleagues and clients, and this is why we are very special.
:: By retaining the true identity of the client / electricity subscribers and by creating special facilities like Voice over Internet sites, filing public complaints in offices, etc., we try to minimize their presence.
:: We are looking forward to welcoming the clients with open mindedness and making them happy with the motivation to work.
:: Time is a precious jewel, we value our time and our customers and refrain from delays.
:: We emphasize that clear and understandable communication between people and the electricity company will be established and promoted.
• Observe justice and fairness in providing services to people based on their work and avoid the tendency to personal and collective interests and interests.
:: The culture of being accountable against the client is one of the centers of excellence and company.
Legislation and law is not a slogan, we adhere to it in practice, and it adheres to the observance of it that attracts the satisfaction of the people and clients.
We regard work as a means of serving people and individual and organizational excellence, and accept health and integrity as a principle.
:: We are proud of working in the Regional Electricity Company and we are struggling to balance the balance between work and family life.
:: We treat social discipline and conscience in the workplace, and this is considered as a major factor in increasing productivity.
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