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Electric Industy History in province
:: In 1308, for the first time an Indian company with the help of a steam engine in Zabol started to produce electricity, and in 1328 the municipality supplied two 75 and 30 kilowatt generators of electricity needed by subscribers. By 1349, the installed power in Zabul It grew to 1857 Kilowatt

:: In Zahedan, for the first time, with the investment of two people in 1320, a 50 kilowatt electricity generator was provided, and in 1334, the facilities were transferred to the municipality of Zahedan. At present, the installed power was 400 KW, and the 1346 TASL, which according to the Iranian Power Development Law, was supplied to the electricity company (south-east of Kerman), this power increased to 1,200 KW

:: In September of the same year, Sistan and Baluchestan Regional Electricity Company, a separate company from the South East Regional Electricity Company, started its activity and could increase electricity production from 132 million kW / h to 1602 million kW / h and provide 249052 subscribers. The number of villages in the province by the end of 1999 was 1604 villages, in which 127624 households benefited from electricity.

:: At the end of 2009 we have the following information:

Number of village villages 4504 villages
Subscribers are 496130 subscribers
Asynchronous power line on 905 MW on 31/05/88
The electric power train is 849 MW on 28/04/88
The number of households benefiting from 235,925 households
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